Can I take photos during the race?

The Event Organiser does not advise participants to take photos at Start Area, en-route and Finish Area, due to the large number of participants and some parts of the course are relatively narrow. 


Do I need to report to any officials upon my arrival on the day?

No, after depositing your baggage at Mount Austin Playground (if you require this service from the Event Organiser), you should proceed to Peak Galleria. You will be guided to the Start Area by Race Officials 10 minutes before the Start Time of your race. There might be queues at the baggage area, please allow sufficient time for completing baggage deposit services.


Will cut-off time be set for the run?

Yes. In order to provide an orderly organised competition for participants, cut-off times will be set. The access to the Start Area will be blocked by Race Officials to prevent further access of the late participants and the cut-off time for the run is 2 hours. 


Will there be kilometres marking along the race and how often will they appear?

Yes. There will be markings along the race.


Will the public be using the road during the run?

Yes, there will be pedastrians and cars at certain parts of the road, please be aware of vehicles and pedastrians on the course. 

Is the race course very hilly?

The race course is generally flat with no extreme elevation for the runners. There will be a 200m reasonable climb before finish. 


Where are the water stations?

Water stations will be located approximately at around the 4km point and 7.5km point.


What kind of fluid will be served at the water station?

Water will be provided at the water stations along the course and at the Finish Area.


Will energy food be provided along the course?

Only water stations will be provided to avoid causing hazard to other runners. Snacks station will be available at the Finished Area at Mount Austin Playground.


Where are the First Aid Stations?

First Aid Service will be provided by St John’s Medical Service. First Aid stations will be located at the Start Area, all water stations along the routes and at the Finish Area.


Where are the toilet facilities?

Public toilet facilities are available.


What do I do if I can’t complete the race in the specific time?

If you are unable to reach the checkpoint within the specific time, sweepers will be present to take you to the finished line. Should you want to drop out of the run, please inform the sweeper and proceed directly to the Mount Austin Playground to pick up your baggage. 


Where do I go after I cross the finished line?

You can proceed to the baggage area at the Mount Austin Playground to redeem your deposited bag, you may also proceed to the snack and beverage station to re-energise yourself. Presentation for the first, second and third place of each category will be presented and you are welcome to watch the presentation.