When is the CPA Australia Charity Run?

The CPA Australia Charity Run will be held on Sunday, 27 October 2019.


What are the age limits for the races?

Men’s Open (18 – 29)

Men’s Senior (30 – 39)

Men’s Master (40 – 49)

Men’s Veteran (50+)


Women’s Open (18 – 29)

Women’s Senior (30 – 39)

Women’s Master (40 – 49)

Women’s Veteran (50+)


Where is the Start and Finish?

The race starts at Peak Galleria and finishes at the Mount Austin Playground.


What is the start time for the race?

The race starts at 8.00am. Participants can arrive at Mount Austin Playground at 7.00am to deposit their bags and then make their way down to the Peak Galleria to start the race.


Would there be special transport arrangements on the race day morning?

No, all participants are to make their own journey to the Peak for the race.