What should I wear to the run?

Please put on proper sportswear and running shoes. Remember to put the bib (with the timing chip) on your chest clearly visible at all times during the race to enable race officials to identify your race number. 


What should I bring with me on race day?

You must bring the bib and the timing chip to the race. If you wish to deposit your bag, please bring your bag to the Mount Austin Playground for storage. Please do not include any valuable item(s), the Event Organiser will not be responsible for any loss or damage.


Does the Event Organiser provide pre-race training?

No, the Event Organiser does not provide any pre-race training.

Should I eat before the run?

The Event Organiser recommends all runners to conduct a medical check-up before the run to ensure that you are in a fit and healthy condition for the run. You should also take a light breakfast two hours before the run. 


Do I need to buy my own insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is covered by the Event Organiser. Participants are advised to take up their own personal or other insurance policies separately. Participants are also advised to seek medical advice before the race to check if they are fit enough to complete the distance they have entered.


If I forgot my bib on the day, can I redeem it?

No. No bib will be distributed on the race day. If you forget to bring your bib, you would not be allowed to start the race.